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LED Lights Factory with 10th Anniversary Celebration

(10th Anniversary Celebration )

1. History.

At the begining, the Led Lights factory was found at rent 50 square meter room by 3 honestely & vitality guys on the year of 2006.

On the year of 2007, they were mainly spcialised on the Fiber Optic Lights industrial products. Supplying the full series professional fiber optic lighting system goods for global customers. for example: Fiber Optic Star Ceiling kits, Fiber optic Light cables, Fiber optic illuminators.

On the year of 2008, The 3 guys have a 500 square meter workshop. and start to design, manufacture the Led illuminationi products. including the interior and exterior LEDs products .

For example, the outdoor Led Lights series : Floodlight, Wall washer, Landscape lighting, underwater lamp, inground illumination fixtures. and the indoor Led Lights series: Panel lights, Downlights, Ceiling lights.

From the year of 2009-2010, Maorong Lighting, She start to focus on 2 main products series. First is the LED Panels product. Second is the Fiber optic light. and She also moved to a offical industrial park, and have a 1000 square meters workshop.

During this periond, the Led lights factory have a big improvment , and She has a new 3000 square meters factory. and total 4 production lines for LEDs products, and also have the SMD assemble machine, reflow machines, the full testing machines for the all lighting fixtures .

2. Thanksgiving.

Recall the development history since the found years of 2006.

She should thanks for the all friends that give her kind and improtant supportant since the year of 2006.

First, she should thanks for the valued customers. for example, the LBM, Germany, The Absolute Co, UK. The Litetec. England.

Second, She should thanks for the reliable suppliers. for example, the Meanwell, Co.ltd. The Trdonic, Gmbh., Epistar, Sanan, LG SMD.

Third, and it is most important, She should thanks for the all faimily person in the wonderful team. the all employees of the Led Lights factory . Because, they have pay more attention on the design and make the high quality products for the global customers .

3. Celebration Plan.

During the10th Anniversary Celebration, for thanks for the global valued customers.

We have a big promotion plan for the full series Led Light Panels .

Welcome to click on the following link to check the Promotion Plan.


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