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How to Buy Reliable Led Panels from China Suppliers and Manufacturers

All people in global know that, The industrial products that made in china are all over the world. and the Led Panels products that made in china are also sell to global markets now. All customers know that they should purchased the Led illuminaries products from china. But, many clients do not know how to buy the high quality Led Light Panels from China suppliers and manufacturers.

We are very pleasured to share the steps that how to buy high quality Led Panels from china on the following.

1. The factory locatiion places.

The China LEDs manufactueres and suppliers are located in Guangdong Province, Zhejiang Province, and Shanghai City. and 80% factories are mainly located in Guangdong Province. The companies located in following Cities of Guangdong State. (Zhongshan city, Foshan city, Dongguang city ,Shenzhen city, Guangzhou City) We called them The Pear River Delta Area.

Usually, the suppliers are located in Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City supply the cheapest price and also the most poor quality products, and their main markets are exported to South Asia, and China markets.

The manufacturers are located in Foshan city are also same with the Zhongshan city companies.

The high quality Projectors located in china, they do not purchased the leds products from Guzhen Town, Zhongshan city and Foshan city.

The manufacturers are located in Guangzhou city and Shenzhen city, manily exported the high quality to the European and USA markets. Especially, the Guangzhou manufactuers are supply the High Quality Led Light Panel products to North European and American markets.

2. Reliable Certifications.

Normally, China manufacturers are just can supply the CE & Rohs lists, these lists are issued by china test company. So, these certifications are not professional and not reliable. and some China suppliers are also supply the fake certifications to customers.

Only professional manufacturers can supply the reliable TUV, SAA certificates that issued by European and Australia test organization.

3. Price level.

If the price is much too lower, then, the quality of the products can not be good. For example, if the 36W Led Panel 60x60 price under 23usd, then, the products can not be good quality at all.

4. Finaly test result that yourself test.

When you bought the samples, then, you should make test working by yourself. The final testing results are made by yourself, then, it is finaly confirmation.

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